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Children Unifying with Wilson

Uganda is a country beset with many difficult problems. World Unification Team Uganda is taking a unique approach to solving them. Unlike many NGOs that focus on distributing money and material aid, WUTU focuses on creating change by helping children and adults learn to love and cooperate with each other—thereby strengthening and enlivening families, friendships, and communities.

It is our faith that in the living soil of deeply changed hearts and minds, social change will naturally grow. And that people who are converted to living with love and care will naturally convert others with their example, and their love.

We are proud of our successes so far, and grateful to be a part of the World Unification Team.

Children Unifying with Wilson

Wilson Agaba, Director
World Unification Team Uganda

About World Unification Team Uganda (WUTU)


World Unification Team Uganda was established as a Uganda NGO by Wilson Agaba on 24 November 2011 and operates under registration number 8902. Mr. Agaba became a certified Unification instructor and began teaching Unification in schools and communities in Uganda as a volunteer in September 2009. Due to the enthusiastic response from children and schools and the overwhelming success of his efforts, the Living Love Fellowship committed to backing WUTU, to allow Wilson to continue his mission of love on a full time basis. He now teaches Unification and provides one-on-one counseling in five local communities and four secondary schools in the Kampala area each week.

Our Vision: To provide a lasting and effective solution through love to the many problems which are faced in Uganda and Africa.

Mission: To teach love, primarily to children, the future citizens and leaders of Uganda and of the African continent, and to all people of any age who are receptive to our message, in the hopes of saving our society from further decline.

Children Unifying with Wilson Children Unifying with Wilson


  1. Teach Unification meditation.
  2. Visit schools weekly and form Unification groups of interested children.
  3. Counsel children and families to improve relationships.
  4. Improve communication among teachers, administrators, children, and parents to solve interpersonal problems and create harmony.
  5. Help find sponsors for students who wish to dedicate their lives to love and teaching others to love, and facilitate communication between students and their sponsors.
  6. Hold public meetings to promote love and the practice of Unification meditation.
  7. Hold periodic retreats and other educational events for the development of future teachers of love.
  8. Assist in the formation of similar organisations in other African countries.



WUTU provides training in Unification meditation and individual counseling, as well as holding lectures and discussion groups using LLF's Cards for Living to teach children to live according to sound spiritual values. All services are entirely free of charge to the recipients.

Children Unifying with Wilson

School programmes: Currently Mr. Agaba visits four schools in Kampala every week. He has become a trusted counselor and friend to the children in the schools, and to the teachers and administration as well. The meetings with children are devoted to sharing the moral challenges and experiences of everyday life, learning about making good choices, and the practice of Unification.

Children Unifying with Wilson

The children also have opportunities to speak privately about what bothers them and are helped to make good decisions. They often return to share their stories about the positive outcomes of applying the advice they got, and how their improved orientation is creating better relationships with others, better contact with their parents, and increased trust and well-being.

Children Unifying with Wilson

Community programmes: Mr. Agaba visits five communities to meet with adults in Kampala weekly. The meetings include practicing Unification, teaching about moral and life issues from the Cards for Living, discussing the attitudes, thoughts, and actions that create suffering in people's lives, and offering solutions for those problems. In the discussions, participants share their thoughts and express their feelings about the challenges in their lives, and Mr. Agaba offers advice for how to make others happy and turn the communities into a more supportive environment for living.

The community meetings have greatly inspired the participants with the conviction that sharing love, caring for others, and guiding the youth morally is the ultimate solution to the suffering people experience in their lives.

WUTU events


Retreats: The first retreat organized in cooperation with LLF took place in Kampala in April 2011. Six schoolgirls sponsored through Heart to Heart Uganda spent a week with Mr. Agaba and representatives from the LLF. Participants had daily study sessions interspersed with social activities such as taking walks together, making artworks, etc. The Cards for Living formed the curriculum for this retreat.

Uganda Retreat Uganda Retreat Uganda Retreat

A second week-long retreat was sponsored with the same group of schoolgirls in August 2011. Mr. Agaba continued the Cards for Living topics in daily study sessions and lead daily Unification meditations.

A third, four-day retreat was sponsored in December 2011 for the benefit of four very committed young WUTU members. After practicing Unification together, each morning and each afternoon of the retreat the girls read and answered questions about the main points on selected Cards for Living.

"What Is Love?" Poetry Contest: In June 2012 WUTU sponsored a poetry contest at several secondary schools in Kampala. The contest was designed to encourage children to consider "What is love?"

Children Unifying with Wilson

The contest created a lot of excitement among the children. 136 entries were received, and cash prizes were awarded to four winners in amounts ranging from roughly $20 to $77 (US).

Below are links to the winning poems:

1st place: Love, Love, Love by Kibirige Henry

2nd place: My Greatest Teacher and Advisor by Namata Irene

3rd place: Love is a Mystery by Lukyamuzi Frank

Honorable mention: What Love Is by Ninsiima Hellen

Uganda poetry contest

Ninsiima Helen accepting her award for the Poetry Contest



Heart to Heart Uganda is WUTU's school sponsorship program which, in cooperation with the LLF, provides school fees to a few young people who are strongly dedicated to helping others.

Since the beginning of the program initiated by LLF in 2010, and taken over by WUTU in 2012, we were able to secure the means for education for nine exceptional young people. Currently the program supports four young people.

Uganda poetry contest



Q: Who are you and what do you do?
A: World Unification Team Uganda (WUTU) is an NGO in Kampala Uganda. Read the Vision and Mission statements and our list of Objectives for more details.

Q: How does the Heart to Heart Uganda sponsorship program help children?
A: The Heart to Heart Uganda program matches donors with deserving children. Sponsorships pay for the children's school fees and school supplies for a year.

Q: Why should I sponsor with WUTU?
A: WUTU's sponsorship program gives you an opportunity to make significant difference in the life of a child—and, through that child, to many more people. This is because WUTU selects children to be sponsored not only on the basis of need but primarily on the basis of the child's dedication to helping others. In this program, every cent donated goes directly to the child sponsored. WUTU absorbs all of the administrative expenses for collecting and delivering the money.

Q: How does sponsoring through WUTU work?
A: The sponsors commit to donating $30 a month for one year. Before the beginning of each school term, money is transferred by LLF (which administers the donations) to WUTU's bank account. The director of WUTU personally delivers the school fees to each of the schools. The remaining amount is given to the parents of the children for other needs of the child. The administrative costs of the program are paid by WUTU.

Q: How much does sponsorship cost?
A: A pledge of $30 a month will sponsor a child to go to school for a year. If you cannot afford that much, any amount—even a small one-time donation—would help. And of course, if you would like to contribute more, to support a child's other needs at home, etc., that would be most welcome.

The money you donate is fully designated to cover the needs of the child. Not a penny of your donation will be deducted for administrative expenses or other costs.

Q: How do I pay for my donation? Can I get a receipt for my donation?
A: Donations are administered by the LLF on behalf of World Unification Team Uganda. Donations are accepted via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a credit card donation. An electronic receipt will be sent to your email address.

Your donations to the Heart to Heart Uganda program are tax deductible if you are a United States taxpayer. At the end of the year you will receive a receipt for your annual contribution which you may use for the tax purposes.

Q: How long will my sponsorship last?
A: If you make a one-year pledge, the payments will be deducted from your account or credit card every month for 12 months.

You can also make a one-time donation without making a commitment to sponsor the child ongoingly. All the contributions count.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about my sponsorship?
A: Send us an e-mail; we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Q: How can I support WUTU's other activities?
A: Donations to WUTU are gratefully accepted. Your financial support will give WUTU the flexibility to increase school and community activities, respond to special needs, and organize other kinds of educational events.