World Unification Team Mission Statement

This world has many problems that cry for solutions. Where to start? We say, start with love.

Even before we roll up our sleeves and go into action, the love we show relieves the terrible suffering of loneliness, indifference, and alienation.

When it's time to act, love gives us the will and strength to look for and embrace new and better ways of living and relating.

And love goes deep into the fabric of our lives, and heals the root causes of society's problems—selfishness, conflict, and separation. Love won't let a lover be unkind, unfair, thoughtless, cruel.

So, we're joining forces and spreading the word about love. And we're personally committing to bring love to life. We think it's our best bet for making a real, much-needed difference in this world.

What this site is about

Love is not just a concept, it's a real-life gift we give to each other. Love spreads from person to person. So the only way for love to circle this globe and bring humanity together is through people—like you.

World Unification Team is a grassroots movement that hopes to inspire people all over the world to add their love to the chain, and their passion to the cause of love. We made this site to explain what we're doing, and to support others in bringing love to life. The various pages on this site tell our story and share our methods. They're yours to use, for free. And we hope you will.

Suggestions for ways to get involved

1. Practice Unification, a simple but powerful love-based meditation technique.

2. Practice the Hello Method, a revolutionary method for instant upliftment and wonderful heart satisfaction. It can connect you to God and transform how you feel in seconds.

3. Study the Cards for Living, and change YOUR world by using the ideas you learn in your daily life.

4. Do Unification with a friend or a group, or just share the instructions on this site with people you know.

5. Form a Cards for Living study group.

6. Tell people about this site.