Hello Method

Revolutionary-evolutionary method for instant upliftment

We have been given a most effective spiritual method—the HELLO Method. It is so powerful and so easy, we want to share it with everyone.

Here's how it works: In your mind, say HELLO to people who love you true, and whom you truly love. These may be people you know on Earth, but it should also —and this is most important—include God and a Celestial Being or two, such as Jesus, Buddha, your guardian angel, etc. It should include such Divine Beings simply because They DO love you truly, and They WANT you to know it.

Remember, the HELLO Method is easy. And you do not have to repeat hello over and over, like an affirmation or mantra. You need only say it sincerely—once or twice, with faith-confidence that the Celestials Who are omnipresent and all ears will hear you and will respond. That's it.

Consider this: Every creature has a home, a true home, because God loves each and every one. So, to return home to love, to relationship, say HELLO. Say HELLO to That which loves you true. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Nothing but pain. It reduces pain immediately just to remember that there are Those who love you truly and who will be at your side, sharing your life and troubles, anytime, anywhere. Say HELLO to Them, your cosmic friends and soul lovers.

The HELLO Method is an advanced technique for advanced souls. It is for those who can intuit the tremendous value and power of it.

Here is a testimonial to the efficacy of this wondrous technique:

"The other day, I felt lost and abandoned, and I knew I needed to do something to save myself from feeling so alone. So I proceeded to say hello to my Celestial Friends. I immediately felt Their warm response—coming around me, blessing me, loving me. I thanked Them, and I loved Them back. Needless to say, I felt MUCH better."