Heart to Heart Uganda
Heart to Heart Uganda

Uganda is a very poor country, and many of its children suffer terribly. WUTU cannot help all the children we've met, but we've decided to do our best to help these extraordinary children. Each of these young people has an unusual desire to help others; each one has persevered through terrible difficulties, and come out stronger and more mature for it; and each of them is passionately interested in making the world a better place through love. We believe that to support these kids financially would be a great gift, not just to them, but to the whole world—because what they have to give is tremendous.

Mr. Agaba, Director

Please read our brief descriptions of these young people and their lives, and consider whether you can afford to help. Your small monthly donation could change a life, remove a source of terrible stress, and give a child the opportunity for a brighter future.

A pledge of $50 a month will sponsor a child to go to school for a year. If you cannot afford that much, any amount—even a small one-time donation—would help. And of course, if you would like to contribute more, to support their other needs at home, etc., that would be most welcome.

WUTU and the LLF resident members are personally committed to the children we love in Uganda, and we will make sure your contribution creates the maximum benefit for the child you designate. Not a penny of your donation will be deducted for administrative expenses or other costs.

Sponsored students