World Unification Team HQ

World Unification Team is an international program of the Living Love Fellowship. The Living Love Fellowship is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging all men and women to live spiritual life as a WHOLE, leaving out no part of their everyday lives.

About World Unification Team Headquarters


Behind the scenes, the LLF is operated by a small group of spiritual friends who live at the Oregon retreat center. By day, we work together in regular day jobs to support ourselves and our LLF mission activities. By night, we maintain our websites, correspond with people all over the world, and freely distribute helpful and inspiring writings in support of our mission. These include Unification meditation, the Hello Method, the Cards for Living, and a growing library of articles about spiritual life, human relationships, and intimacy with God.

How this all started:

The resident members of the Living Love Fellowship are committed to exploring the potentials of human relationship and cooperation with God. Over the years we have used many approaches to improving our relationships with each other and with God.

In 2002, we began doing a simple meditation based entirely on love, both individually and as a group. Struck by the simplicity, power, and effectiveness of the technique, we developed detailed instructions and began offering the technique, which we called "Unification," to the world on the Soul Progress website.

We'll never forget the excitement we felt the night Unification "went public." We fervently believe the transformative power of Unification will change the world as more and more people use it to heal and strengthen their relationships. As we sat together and celebrated, one of us shared a vision that had come to her, of Unification becoming big in Africa. We thought little of it at the time, but the vision has subsequently come true through the inspiring efforts of Wilson Agaba in Uganda. In fact, his success gave us the impetus to create World Unification Team.




The Living Love Fellowship maintains the following websites, which support the goal of world unification through spiritual understanding, loving cooperation, and intimacy with God: Readings, On-line classes, Bloom Growth Booster program, Unification, and lots more! Treasures for spiritual living from the heart. Unbiased help for those experiencing a crisis of faith. LLF's independent film project: 1,000 people saying I Love You to the world.

Printed materials:

We have created printed cards and bookmarks that teach Unification and the Hello Method, which we make available to volunteers for distribution to the public in their own areas.

The Cards for Living are our latest medium for offering humanity helpful spiritual insights through short, straight-to-the heart messages on beautiful cards. Downloadable PDF versions are freely available to all; printed versions are also available to interested individuals or groups.



It is our hope that MANY people all over the world will practice Unification. Some people have been inspired to actively share it with others by starting a Unification group in their own community or school. Individuals wishing to get involved in that way are invited to become certified instructors and offer Unification training and groups where they live.

Afire with his vision to help solve his country's problems through love, Wilson Agaba of Kampala, Uganda became a certified instructor via e-mail correspondence in September 2009. He immediately began traveling to schools in the Kampala area to teach Unification to children. He was so successful that two years later he formed World Unification Team Uganda to further his mission.

Eva Moder received her Unification certification in July 2009 during a visit to the LLF headquarters. On her return to Europe she organized Unification meetings in Krakow, Szczecin, Budapest, and other cities, translated the Unification instructions and other LLF writings, and contacted a number of spiritual groups, publishers, and film makers on behalf of the world unification mission. Eva currently lives and works at the LLF Headquarters in Oregon.

Since Unification is simple enough to learn on your own, without a teacher, there is no way for us to know the full number of Unification practitioners in the world today. We often receive beautiful stories from people about how Unification has changed their life, long after they started practicing it. For example, in 2007 we were contacted by an Indian monk who had been doing Unification in his monastery with other monks for almost a year. Most likely, thousands of people on the planet are practicing Unification daily.

In-depth instructions have been available to the public on the Soul Progress and Heart of Spirituality websites for many years. We have personally sent Unification instructions to hundreds of people who have written to us over the years wanting guidance. In 2004 we sent a package of Unification booklets to a serious practitioner, Ebere Ogunmah, and for years afterward we periodically received letters from people in Nigeria who had heard about Unification. Perhaps those well-read booklets are still being passed from person to person. . .

We've done what we can, but we need help reaching more people so that they can join their love with ours in unifying the world.

Our offer


We're serious about wanting to help the world, and we're realistic enough to know that the only way to do that is one person at a time. Therefore, we're always available to answer questions and correspond with anyone who wants to bring love and spiritual values into everyday life.

Contact us, we'll always write back.